We increase the efficiency and reduce maintenance cost of your IR installations

Quality componentsand services within IR


With many years of experience and broad expertise in IR technology, we can help you review both equipment and the drying process.

Energy efficiency

Both electricity consumption and maintenance costs can be greatly reduced with proper maintenanceandcomponents from IRQ Technology.


Our high-quality componentsprovide increased capacity and quality in many industrial drying processes, including in the paper and steel industry.

Our products and services

Reduce electricity consumption and maintenance costs in your IR systems


We supply key components and spare parts for most electricalIR systemson the market.

We repair and upgrade old IR systems to modern technology with quality componentsfor optimal utilization of your installed systems.
We make efficiency measurements on your systems or on individual components and give suggestions for measures for a better utilization of the installed technology.
We develop action programs to increase efficiency and reduce maintenance costs in your IR systems.

Our customers are found in all types of industries where IR equipment is used:

Paper industry

Heating and drying of coating and profiling.

Converting industry

Drying of different types of printing and lamination.

Steel industry

Curing of different types of coatings, e.g. paint and glue.

Textile industry

Drying or curing of e.g. teflon nets, roofing cloth, wallpaper.

Wood industry

Preheating of wood, paint curing.

Engineering industry

Manufacture of IR equipment for drying and curing in e.g. the car industry and body shops.

We are proud of long-term relationships and great trust from our customers and partners:

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Increase efficiency and reduce electricity consumption and maintenance costs in your IR systems:

IRQ Technology offers high-quality key components and spare parts for most electrical IR systems on the market. We can also carry out repair and maintenance service to ensure optimal use of your installations.

About us

IRQ Technology AB was founded in Vänersborg-Sweden in 2006. Our business concept is to offer high-quality products and services in IR technology that lead to increased production efficiency and reduction of electricity consumption and maintenance costs in existing IR installations. Our customers are often found in the paper and steel industry, but we work with all types of companies that use IR in some type of process that includes heating, curing or drying.
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