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Our long experience from working with IR systems has resulted in a wide network of contacts and good delivery agreements with several suppliers of spare parts and new technology for IR systems.

We offer high-quality key components at very competitive prices and can provide both standard products and customer-unique variants. Our IR lamps have been developed in close collaboration with our lamp supplier and have a quality that far exceeds other standard ranges on the market, which results in a significantly longer service life. We supply key components and spare parts for most existing electrical IR systems on the market.

Några exempel på nyckelkomponenter är:

  • IR-lampor
  • Kvartsglas
  • Guldbelagda reflektorglas
  • Motreflektorglas

Exempel på våra reservdelar:



Guldbelagda reflektorglas


Kontakta oss för offert och snabb leverans!

Examples of our key components:


Gold reflectors

Protective glass

Ceramic reflectors

Interconnecting bars and isolators

Completely renovated IR-modules

Special equipment for your needs

A number of high-quality special equipment can now also be offered for a more efficient production and to simplify the maintenance of your IR equipment.

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Examples of special equipmentPurpose
Process control pyrometersEnergy saving / Quality optimization
Fire prevention system for IRProductivity / Reduced cleaning needs
Fire detector
Productivity / Reduced cleaning needs
IR edge dryersProductivity / Quality optimization
Cleaning equipment
IR protective glass
Energy saving / Productivity and simplified maintenance

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